Thursday, May 15, 2008


To be honest, I'm no longer sure whether this is tautology, circular argument, or just plain stupidity, because my brain is somewhat addled by it....

Chris Matthews interviewed two talk radio hosts regarding the statements Bush made in Israel yesterday, in which he claimed that anyone who opposed him was the same as those who tried to appease Hitler in the years before 1939. The right-winger, the odious bigmouth Kevin James, spent five minutes trying to BS his way out of having to answer a question regarding Neville Chamberlain to which he quite obviously didn't know the answer-- he didn't know what Chamberlain did, even though he was the one who brought up the issue of Chamberlain and appeasement as a talking point. I mean, seriously, this was embarassing-- brainless repetition and just randomly yelling over everyone else without making any sort of actual sense.

Matthews finally gave up and said "your problem, Kevin, is that you don't know anything." SHortly afterwards, Matthews added "I've gotta go to someone who knows SOME history.... this is PATHETIC." Oh... and later "He's as bad as the White House press secretary who doesn't know what the Cuban Missile Crisis was!" And "You're wrong. You don't understand what appeasement is, don't use the word."

I'm no great fan of Matthews-- he threw Bush et al way too many softballs before November of 2006 for me to trust him entirely-- but he won a merit badge in this inteview.

James also told the other guest to watch The Path to 9/11..... I wonder if he is aware that that movie is a lump of propaganda that bears precious little resemblance to documented reality?

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